Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day 320 - 15th November 2016 - Waves, Robin and Golden Crowned Kinglet

Mild and foggy this morning - rain on the way. Can hear a few ducks down by the shoreline, they must be expecting the neighbour to feed them. The lake has dropped again lately, swamps don't have much water and the cranberry ditch is still dry. We are still in need of rain. Our well came up considerably, but not to where it should be this time of year and some people still don't have water.  After doing some computer work yesterday, I began the great task of the "Fall" cleaning.  I decided to start with the upstairs, hopefully today I can that finished or almost. A big pot of stew simmered on the stove most of the day.  Exercise class finished out the day.
 Always a Gull at the beach.
 Waves splashed along the rocks.
 A chubby Robin - we usually have a few around all winter. They quickly appear when there is a bare patch of grass.
Golden Crowned Kinglet hides in the shadows.

Enjoy your day!

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