Friday, November 25, 2016

Day 330 - 25th November 2016 - Hairy Woodpecker, Grasses and Red Breasted Nuthatches

Milder morning and I'm up way too early again. Groan - another long day in the making. But it's Friday and I've got a lunch date with a friend, haven't been out of the hood all week so will be a nice change to have a little excursion. A little more progress made cleaning Thursday and my gout seems pretty good this morning. The wood are so quiet these days when Lexi and I roam, the only thing you can hear is the crunch of dry leaves underfoot. Occasionally a Woodpecker at a tree or the Ravens as they move around. There's about 2 dozen Goldfinches now that come every day, no sign of the Purple Finches yesterday.

 Several Woodpeckers hung around the feeders yesterday. The Blue Jays even bother when they are in the feeder.

A few grasses in b/w

Red Breasted Nuthatch.

Enjoy your day!

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