Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 319 - 14th November 2016 - Cattle Egret, Dowitcher and Queen Anne's Lace

Beautiful morning - stars and moon in the sky shining brightly. The moon was lovely coming up over the lake last evening. Sunday we took a drive to Cape Sable Island, did a little roaming around but pretty quiet out there. Stopped and visited a few friends along our route. Had lunch in Barrington, did the grocery shopping and then headed for home. Seems we were gone a good portion of the day but it was relaxing and nice to spend a little time together. We've both been pretty busy lately. Today I need to start the cleaning - no way I can put that off anymore as time is escaping. Middle of November all ready!
Cattle Egret at the Old Factory Road.

He's at a distance, not great shots but nice to watch. Larry's comment was - what big feet they have!

The spent Queen Anne's Lace waves in the wind on the sand dunes.

Dowitcher at Stumpy Cove.

Enjoy your day!

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