Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 325 - 20th November 2016 - Goldfinch, Chickadee and Waves

Saturday remained gray, overcast with rain showers. With the shorter daylight hours and overcast day you can certainly get to feeling a little blah! I understand what all that you need sun to thrive is all about. Maybe that's why I feel lazy too. Even the feeders aren't terribly active - it's just too mild I guess. Not to complain, the cold chill of winter will soon be upon us. Larry got one door hung in the bathroom. Old houses always mean a job that should normally take a few minutes will end up taking hours. I puttered around the house, went for a quick walk in the drizzle and made pizza for supper. I try to keep that somewhat healthy - a mixture of whole wheat flour and white flour for the crust, chicken, broccoli, spinach and cheese for the toppings. Looks like another wet day today. We're heading off to Ingomar for their Firemen's Breakfast and then it will be home for more work on the bathroom.
A small flock of Goldfinches are becoming regular visitors once again.

 Black Duck silhouettes
 Chickadees are like little acrobats
Watching the waves at Blanche

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love the wave shot... all I'm getting at my feeders are the blue jays. The odd finch but those big blue buggers are greedy.