Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 309 -- 4th November 2016 - Grey Skies, Mushrooms and a Purple Finch

Glad it's Friday, looking forward to the weekend. Wish I could stay in bed a little longer in the mornings. Today I'm working at the Shelburne County Museum - another new adventure. Picking up a few days here and there throughout the winter. We finished off part of our textile project, now all we have left to do is the database entry and rehouse a few things when the new boxes arrive. It was a great project and so pleased that we were able to get it done.  Lots of Chickadees around the feeders every night when I get home, along with a couple of Red-Breasted Nuthatches. Looking forward to seeing what visits during the day and getting some pics. Maybe something interesting will pop up while I'm home.

This seems to be what most days look like lately.
 More mushrooms.
The Old Man's Beard hangs off of the Lichen. 
And a curious Purple Finch.

Enjoy your day!

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