Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 312 - 7th November 2016 - Weeds and Leaves

Beautiful star lit morning out there, looks like a good day on the horizon. Just after 6am and I can see a glimmer of daylight coming through the trees. Finally I'm home this week, time to get going on the fall cleaning, etc and some regular walks in the hood. It's sure been nice working the extra weeks - been a long time since I've worked this long into the season and I appreciate it. Since I felt like a slug yesterday, didn't get anything done but grocery shopping in the afternoon so guess I better start with muffins and lunchboxes. Working in the kitchen will mean I can keep a good eye out on the bird feeders this morning and see who's around.
Dandelions have mostly gone to see, although there is still a touch of one or two yellow ones.

Gone to seed
The Oak leaves seems to hang on a little longer

Enjoy your day!

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