Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 336 - 1st December 2016 - Frost, Leaves and Icy Reflections

Good Morning December! Here we are at the first day of the last month of the year - where has the time gone. Looks like mostly a wet day, so will continue inside with housework, maybe start wrapping a few gifts so I can actually figure out what I've got. Next week the baking begins. I've got to spend a couple hours on the computer catching up on some work there. Bowling Alley finished yesterday. It cleared in the morning, sun even popped out for a bit but remained a bit breezy. By late afternoon it was time to build a fire in the furnace and get things warmed up again. Deer steak for supper - boy it was good, nice to have some again.  Exercise class tonight - another good part of life - getting back into the regular routine of punishment.
Frosty leaves and the sun sparkles on the grass.

 More frosty grasses.
A light layer of ice along the shore.

Enjoy your day!

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