Monday, December 26, 2016

Day 361 - 26th December 2016 - Leaves, Ice and a Flag

It's Boxing Day! So what does that mean - well it was set out to be the first working day following Christmas (usually the 26th) that tradespeople, servants etc received a "Christmas Box" in gratitude for services well done through out the year. Now it's another holiday, although in Canada not a statutory one, so many people (government etc) will get it off but not most of those that it was originally set out to thank do not. In many places it's the big day of Sales! Can you imagine fighting your way through stores after having done it weeks before Christmas - not me. We had a lovely  day, Sunday - great food surrounded by most of the family.  I spent a lazy evening curled up reading in my pj's and had an early night. Maybe today we can make a trip somewhere in search of some birds. Temperature is -8 this morning, but should warm up some, rain is on the way tomorrow - lots of it.

Nature's debris is mostly frozen in the lake 

A flag gently blows in the wind.

Enjoy your day!

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