Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 357 - 22nd December 2016 - Lake, Ivy, Ferns and a Wreath

Wednesday was another nice mild day, wind picked up in the afternoon. Didn't build a fire until after lunch, a lot different from last week where it seemed I fed the furnace constantly. I finished off the baking yesterday, time to put those cookbooks away for another year. Am beginning to find the tops of the kitchen counters again. It was a good day to roam, so Lexi and I took advantage and did a couple of outings. She loves to run through the woods, not listening to me most of the time, but on the road she's good. Nothing like nose to the ground to see what squirrel may have crossed paths with us. Stars were all out last night but this morning, the sky is dark, dark, dark not a twinkle in sight. Have a few gifts to wrap, then the paper can go away for another year and some house work to do up. Maybe if I move fast and get everything done this morning, I'll free up some "me" time this afternoon.
Clear day on the lake, frozen but not solid.

 Ivy growing along a neighbour's house foundation - still pretty and green.

 Those evergreen ferns are holding on. Last weeks weather beat  some of them down.
Looking festive with a wreath and greenery.

Enjoy your day!

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