Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 337 - 2nd December 2016 - Evening Grosbeak, Lichen and Woodpecker

My turn to work at the museum today. Should be a good day, hopefully we'll get some Christmas shoppers in the gift shop. We've got lots of great things. Yesterday remained mostly rainy so Lexi and I kept to the house. Puttered around doing housework, caught up on some computer work, went through recipes for baking and sorted the gifts I'd already bought. Feeders were busy, except the birds might have been a tad disappointed with the offerings, I'm out of bird seed. Seems that big bag of sunflower seeds doesn't last long. Looks like a mild day in the making.
A first of the season - Male Evening Grosbeak.

Lots of Lichen on the trees.

The Woodpeckers love the suet.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. That evening grosbeak looks like it is turning to you and saying, "HUH"? Enjoy your day! Blessings on a reduced winter schedule and rest for the coming joy of Christmas with family and friends!