Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 347 - 12th December 2016 - Evening Grosbeaks, Goldfnch and Ice

I think the shopping is done...all except a few gift cards, odds and ends to pick up in town. Now to get things wrapped and sorted, including a few parcels that need to be sent off, hopefully tomorrow. More baking today, should finish that off in the next few days. Things seem to becoming together, I think! Umm...still have to do some decorating but that's going to be minimum this year - maybe less is more. An Owl was calling across the lake early this morning, could hear the echo bouncing off the shores. Ice is spreading and thickening. Everywhere but Yarmouth and Shelburne has a snowfall warning on the weather site this morning so we'll see what that really means. If we are going to get rain later it better warm up.
 Love the bright yellow of the Evening Grosbeaks.
 Goldfinch hanging on and trying to grab lunch in the snow and wind.
Ice is holding the grasses and weeds along the shoreline.

Enjoy your day!

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