Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day 353 - 18th December 2016 - Blue Jays, Mourning Dove and Junco

We ventured to town yesterday morning to finish off some shopping and groceries. I hope I've got it all now! It was a nasty drive and snowed all day. We did take a little break and had lunch at Charlotte Lane - was nice to have a "date" with my hubby.  Seems we are always rushing in opposite directions. Went for a walk after we got home, then it was time to put up the Christmas Tree. She's up and decorated. Decorating the tree is kind of a pilgrimage to the past - memories of my Grandmothers' trees and ours as a child. The pines and firs that have graced our homes over the years - favourite ornaments, the years of tinsel "icicles" that made everything sparkle when the tree was lit - and you had to put on one strand at a time instead of handfuls like we wanted to.  Another thing off of my to do list. Christmas is coming together at our house - hoping today and tomorrow to finish up wrapping and baking. Temperatures are going to be milder this week with mostly rain instead of snow. Although I can see that being a bit icy underfoot. Have family coming to visit today providing the roads are good, will be nice to see them and catch up.
 One of many, many Blue Jays
 He was cracking seeds.
 And of course there were lots of Mourning Doves.
A Junco was gathering seeds on the ground.

Enjoy your day!

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