Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day 346 - 11th December 2016 - Goldfinch, Blue Jays and Starlings

Saturday was a cold day with snow flurries. Of course here in the country we have snow on the ground, but in town there is nothing.  Amazing that it can seem to be in a different weather zone all together even though we are only 20 minutes away. It's another cold morning, a day to finish up our shopping - a little road trip to Yarmouth later. Hopefully we can get everything done quickly and get home later afternoon. I have no patience anymore beating through crowds and line ups.  l'm a woman on a mission today!  For some reason I seem to be terribly behind this year, but what gets done will get done and in the big picture it won't matter as there will be family and friends which is what it's all about anyway. 
Goldfinch waiting for the feeder

The Blue Jays are so bright and pretty even if they are a bit greedy.

Three Starlings stopped in a few days ago.

Enjoy your day!

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