Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 350 - 15th December 2016 - Lexi and a Nuthatch

The weather is looking a little fickle out there. A little snow down, but also looks like hail, felt like ice pellets for a few minutes and then it stopped. Might be worth leaving a few minutes early for the drive into work folks. Temperatures are suppose to dip way down tonight and be very cold - bundle up! Apparently winter has arrived. Not much for pictures today, only a few from the kitchen window. Hopefully soon I'll have some time to get out with Big B. again. I made good headway with gift wrapping yesterday, another thing almost done. I guess everything will come together. Did some housework, laundry and all that mundane stuff. Today it will probably be more of the same.
 Our Diva - Lexi who would rather lay out in snow than by a warm fire.
There are several Nuthatches around the feeders now.

Enjoy your day!

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