Saturday, December 24, 2016

Day 359 - 24th December 2016 -Wreath, Oak Leaves and Goldfinch

It's Christmas Eve, I think I've got everything done that needs to be. Then on the other hand no one will really know but me what's not done. Another mild morning, rain in the forecast for later - at least that means the roads should be fairly good for those travelling. Looks like a green Christmas in this part of the world. Well I got everything done I planned to on Friday, gifts delivered, groceries done, food for Lexi and the birds. After lunch Larry spent a few hours in the wood pile, blocking up next years and  got the floors scrubbed up. Today is a day with no plans, except this evening we'll spent having laughs with family and friends. Although the Snowy Owls have returned to Baccaro...maybe a little road trip later.
 Nothing says the Holidays like a beautiful wreath.

The Oak trees seem to hold their leaves a little longer - through wind, rain, snow and wind.
A Goldfinch from one of our snowy days a week or so ago.

Enjoy your day!

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