Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 360 - 25th December 2016 - Grandmother's Journal, Red Bike and Eagles

Merry Christmas Everyone! So the day has arrived, the rushing around, baking, cleaning, shopping and wrapping is over and done with for another year. Now to enjoy family and friends, a good meal or two and be thankful. We'll head in to Mom & Dad's later- Christmas breakfast and then back for Christmas supper. Look forward to seeing the youngest generation of our family all excited about their visit from Santa. Growing up, Christmas was always a day spent with family. I would make the 5:30 am call to Grandmother and Grandfather R, to come watch us open our gifts- she of course was sitting next to the phone, impatiently waiting for that call. One year in my excitement I dialed the wrong number and got someone who wasn't too happy to be woken up.
Grandmother's Journal:
24 December1979:Very mild.. I drove to town, stopped to tea with the girls. Bob,Bobbie & Mike came down later. Had a nice Christmas Eve with our family. 
25th December 1979: Lots of nice presents. Spent the night at Bobbie & Bettie's. Bob, Mike and Bobbie came to MC for most of the day. When they came home we had Christmas dinner. After dinner Bob & I came hope. Real nasty storm, high winds, heavy rains, lightening. Very mild and warm. I am very tired tonight. Had a real nice Christmas.
So this will be option number 2 if we don't get enough snow for snowshoes.

 Some pretty fungi on a branch.
There were two Eagles soaring over the lake.

Enjoy your day!

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