Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 356 - 21st December2016- Blue Jay, Evening Grosbeak and Ice

Today is the first day of winter- it's officially today contrary to what we all experienced last week! It's the shortest day of the year. So after today the days will start getting longer, not that we'll notice for a while. Temperature is hanging at 0 and we've had a dusting of snow overnight. There wasn't a breath of wind Tuesday, perfectly calm and quiet. The only sounds I heard all day were the birds and the Woop of the lake. Things are winding down here and coming together, Larry picked up our lobsters last night and got them cooked. I got some more things done around the house.

Handsome devil!

 I'm not sure if he's sticking out his tongue or dropping a seed- Evening Grosbeak.
 Cranberries and Ice
The grasses along the shoreline are frozen in place now.

Enjoy your day!

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