Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 351 - 16th December 2016 - Ferns, Lichen and a Woodpecker

It's a cold and miserable morning out there folks, dress warm and drive with care if you are heading out to work.  Still snowing and the wind is blowing hard.  I guess I'll be inside feeding the furnace most of the day.  Some days it pays to get up early - got the fire built at 4:30am and the chill off the house. Yesterday I decided to get out in the short window when it stopped snowing and grab some shots with a smaller lens.  Of course the sun had popped out but wasn't long going back behind a cloud, I was really hoping for some of that "snow bling" but it was a fun jaunt. Today I'll get back to a few things in the kitchen and maybe some more wrapping.
 Not sure what kind of ferns these are but I call them evergreen - they remain green even in winter.
 This female Woodpecker wasn't interested in how close I got to her.
 This cherry little fellow was dipped in snow.
The lichen on the trees were edged with snow.

Enjoy your day!

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