Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 355 - 20th December 2016 - Cranberries, Evening Grosbeaks and Ice

The sky is filled with stars, but brrr it's cold out there. Temperature is -12 this morning. I've actually slept in or overslept however you look at it. The ice is beginning to make it's woop woop noises, echoing up and down the lake. Such a haunting sound. Looks like the sun might break out today but remain cold, tomorrow it's suppose to warm up again. Progress is being made, some tins filled yesterday, the last of the gifts put together, just need to be wrapped. Made a stew for supper, smelled so good simmering on the stove. Torture class last evening - yes we are going to hurt - too many squats involved!  Today I'll get around the hood for a roam, continue with things around the house, pay a few bills. Might even manage to have a day of no expectations this week!
 The Cranberry ditch finally has a little water which of course has frozen.

About 2 dozen Evening Grosbeaks blessed the yard yesterday.

 With the wind we've had lately the ditch has frozen in pretty patterns.
The lake is frozen in layers, but not safe enough to be on yet.

Enjoy your day!

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