Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 348 - 13th December 2016 - Song Sparrow, Evening Grosbeaks and Blue Jay

Monday was a stormy old day. Snowed all morning then turned to rain in the afternoon. Just enough rain to make a slushy mess around and under foot but not enough to take all the snow. Seems to me there is a saying that if the first snow is rained off they will be all winter. Looks mostly milder for the next few days. Spent yesterday  in the kitchen and by last night I had the two away parcels packaged up, ready to go and my back was killing me. Maybe another day or two of this and the baking will be done. I've not done as much as I usually do, but still a good variety. Stars and Moon are bright in the sky this morning, wind has picked up.
 A couple of Song Sparrows were in and out of the feeders all day. Mostly they stay on the ground and feed.
 A Mourning Dove taking a break and resting in a bush.
 A Blue Jay all puffed up waiting for the feeder to clear.
And the Evening Grosbeaks returned.

Enjoy your day!

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