Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 354 - 19th December 2016 - Brown Headed Cowbird, Blue Jay and Mourning Dove

Temperature is -2 this morning, so the commute to work may be slippery after  yesterday's rain - drive carefully.  Sunday was a stay in the house kind of day - tidied up, put the empty ornament boxes away, finished wrapping (well have a couple of gifts to put together today), scrubbed a floor, then curled up with a cup of tea and read for a bit. Larry cleaned the furnace pipe and did a few odds and ends around. Family didn't come - but we'll catch up sometime over the holidays. Today I'm going to finish up things in the kitchen and get the sweet treats sorted out and divided up.
 A Brown Headed Cowbird spent most of the day at the feeder.
 Mourning Dove
 Blue Jay
And one of the  very sparkly birds on our tree.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Oh, your sparkly bird on the tree reminded me that I bought myself a cute chickadee ornament at Wilsons for my tree. I must try and find it. :)