Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 344 - 9th December 2016 - Ice and Bling

Friday has rolled around once again. Everything is shiny and glistening with frost, thinking the roads might be a little slippery for those driving this morning. I continued with the baking yesterday but had to give it up early in the afternoon, by that time my back and had enough of standing at the kitchen counter. Some housework, turned my hair back to it's "natural" color and exercise class last evening filled the rest of my time. Some days it's good to just do some mundane things - my brain is enjoying a break! Back to baking today - gingerbread for the Museum Christmas Party being held tomorrow afternoon and hopefully some more goodies to give away. Hair cut after supper - rah!
 It was a morning of ice and bling along the lake on Thursday morning.
 Swirls of ice are moving further out of the coves and into the lake
 Plants are trapped

Enjoy your day!

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