Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 362 - 27th December 2016 - Evening Grosbeak and Snow covered weeds

Well that's it for the holidays, Larry goes back to work today. As great as they were we didn't seem to get much visiting in. Yesterday,  all my good intentions to go birding, got put to the back burner with a sick Lexi and a trip the Yarmouth to the Vet. After an exam and blood work it seems she has autoimmune hemolytic anemia - so we have pills and hopefully they will sort it out. Am boiling her up some hamburger and rice for breakfast. Trying to get some food in her to help build up her strength and take the pills. Fingers crossed we'll see a difference in a few days. Today I go back to the normal routine, lunch prep and muffins for Larry and maybe some roaming in the hood if the weather breaks. The rain is really coming down folks!
 Female Evening Grosbeak
 Since we are have hard rain this morning and I've not gotten out with Big B. A few snow shots!

Enjoy your day!

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