Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 245 - 1st September 2013 - Whales, Birds and Mudflats

Slept in this morning til 6am, must have been all of that fresh air yesterday. Well we have to head home today, will leave some time this morning. Hate to go, seems there is still so much more to do. I could never be bored here, so much to see and do. The break has been so good, needed to go somewhere to take my mind off everything. I was too busy yesterday to get though all the photos I took and figure out what I took, so will only hit the highlights this morning, promise to get some more posted tomorrow.
Had an absolutely fabulous Saturday! Started off with a bit of rain around 6am but that didn't last long, although I did take my jaunt around the hood in it. Put the rain jacket on my camera and went. Good to get a stretch. Had breakfast and then headed down to go whale watching with Freeport Whale and Bird Tours. Kind of a slow start with the whales but wow what a lot of birds out there. I think I took a lot more bad photos than good ones, not use to the boat moving in one direction and birds in another. There were porpoises breaking and playing, then finally we spotted our first whale. WOW! We saw 3 or 4 during the trip. Got back after 1 pm, had lunch and Roger took me on a tour of the "Jungle Down Under" as he likes to call it - the mudflats. All kinds of cool things live in the various layers of "mud" and under the rockweed and on the rocks, etc. What fun! I felt just like a kid again.
From my morning walk - lots of gulls and a Heron.
 Common Yellow Warbler - love these ones.
It's a gull, assume it's a juvenile but no idea of what kind.
We went by this fish shack on our Whale Watching trip.

 The Whales tail was huge when they did that little flip up and then back down into the water.
He would disappear into the water for quite awhile, never quite sure where he would come up again.

 We were aboard the Georgie Porgie for our tour. Great time!
From the mudflats, look at the size of this worm. Don't just think worm, they make tubes and all kinds of things.

Enjoy your day!

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