Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 253 - 9th September 2013 - Lake, Solitary Sandpiper, Warbler and Sunflower

Monday is with us once again. Much cooler this morning, temperature is +5.4 and we are looking for a sunny day. A provincial election was called on the weekend so guess I'll see lots of signs around in the next few days as I go back and forth to work. Should be interesting since they split our county in two (the boundary change of last fall). I'm predicted a low voters turnout for this area, but hope not. I'm a firm believer in voting, it gives us the right to complain and bitch for the next four years. Otherwise I think you should sit back and shut up. As a woman, we also spent too many years fighting to vote many years ago - yes there was a time we couldn't so that makes it even more important. Enough said on Elections, I'll get riled as the days go on and will have another little rant. Have no idea what the day will bring, perhaps some researchers or a few more things finished up. Exercise class tonight, good to get back into the routine - we'll soon have a few more joining us that haven't been around all summer.
As always the weekend flew by too quickly. I got around the hood for a quick jaunt in the morning and whipped around the house and did a few things there. Family stopped in for a visit late morning as they were heading off. They were among some of the out of towners home for the wedding. Great to catch up. Turned rainy so Lexi and I had a nap, which is really unusual for me and lasted about 2 hours. Apparently I needed more sleep! I feel like I wasted part of the day. Larry cooked a nice pork roast for supper with potatoes and veggies from the garden.  I've spent most of the summer chasing the warblers around the hood and finally today figured out their feeding routine. So I followed them but got distracted when I found the Sandpiper.
 I thought for sure the sun would come out and stay but wasn't meant to be.
 Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle).
 I get a lot of back views.
 Was really surprised to see this Solitary Sandpiper on the shore along the lake. I sat quietly and he came quite close.

 A few of our random sunflowers, compliments of the birds.

Enjoy your day!

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