Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 247 - 3rd September 2013 - Flowers, Cat and Caterpillar

Back to work this morning. Raining hard and looks like we are in for lots today. We can use it, but I really prefer to have it rain at night and clear in the morning, but I guess we can't always have what we want. Mother nature does as she pleases and I won't argue with her. Have some research projects to work on and finish up, hopefully sometime in the next week I can get them done. Usually during the month of September I see some hands on researchers around. Those are the folks who have retired and often travel in the shoulder seasons.
I believe the long weekend was too short or at least it went too fast. Spent most of the yesterday picking up around the house, doing laundry and all that fun stuff. Larry worked in the wood pile, it's time to get that finished up too. It was grey and dismal out, looking like rain at any time although it didn't. Only in the morning and a shower after supper which I got caught in. It's still officially summer for a few more weeks, even though once September rolls around we think about fall. School starts in a few more days, and I see from various posts on Facebook many of the University students have returned to dorms and apartments the last few days to begin another semester of their studies.
 For some reason I thought this was Yarrow, but I'm not altogether sure.
 I was checking out some of Lois' flowers  - such a striking color.

And one of her kitties got into the picture.

Seeing a few of these wooly fellows around.

A rather dismal looking day on the lake.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Oh September how I love ya!!!! I am not sure but that looks alot like a spirea! I hope you have a great Montuesday becasue that is what it feels like :)