Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 248 - 4th September 2013 - Ferns, Goldenrod, Roses and Hermit Thrush

My day off - that came fast this week!  Looks like it might clear off this morning, so guess Lexi and I will get a chance to roam the hood some. Might be a morning for cookies or some baking, although it feels kind of warm and humid. Of course there is the never ending housework - a lick and a promise will put that right. Won't be much longer and I'll be doing my fall cleaning. It's so dark in the mornings now, daylight is slow, the evening darkness comes quick enough though. This morning we'll hear and see the school bus back on it's run. Hard to believe that those 2 months have flashed by so quickly.
Montuesday as my friend calls it, went well. Relatively quiet so I accomplished a fair amount. Although our Simply Accounting program decided to go wonky - so not sure what it's problem was. I called in the big gun - our treasurer, she'll sort it out and I won't have to throw anything out the window! It was a dismal day, rained off and on but cleared enough for me to go for a walk after supper. Pretty quiet in the hood, saw a Hermit Thrush and that was about it.
 Where did my pretty lake go?
 Goldenrod. Not great for allergies.

 Next fine day I must haunt the hood with my mushroom book and camera.
 My friendly Hermit Thrush.
 Blackberries are mostly ripe now.
 I've been in the neighbour's yards again, but couldn't resist - love red roses.

 Not sure what these berries are but there are a lot of them around.
The ferns are beginning to fade for another season.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Enjoy your day as you creep and stalk the hood!! I am working hard lol creeping facebook on occasion...