Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 251 - 7th September 2013 - Foggy Mornings, Ducks and Birds

I'm up a little too early this morning, definitely cooler +6.7 and the stars are all out. Looks like it's going to be a nice day, which is great as we have a wedding to go to this afternoon. It's always nicer if they can have a fine day for photos, travelling from church to reception. One less thing to worry about. I'm sure the couple will be happy for many years to come. Larry's off this morning to do some work up the road, guess I'll be home catching up on laundry, etc. Maybe a roam around the hood this morning once the birds wake up.
Friday flew by, uneventful and with some more work cleared up. A few people in - always nice to talk to people that grew up in the area and come home on holidays and meet one of my blog readers. Things are different but the same if you know what I mean. I think all small towns are pretty much the same, if you look back through the years of local papers things don't change that much. People come and go, businesses and buildings but there still remains a bond where you can walk down the street and say hello and receive a smile and response. We spent the evening down at the Park throwing a surprise birthday party for the bestie. And she was surprised, of course had to lie through my teeth earlier in the day just to keep her from finding out, but that's fair.
 In the world of photos probably not the best but I like the way the sun is bright and breaking through the morning fog just the same.
 Fog is drifting off.
 Looks like this duck has found some breakfast.
 A Brown Creeper, these little guys are so shy and hard to catch, they blend right in with the tree bark.
 I always enjoy seeing the ducks on the lake.
 These couple I'm not so sure about, haven't had a chance to look through my bird book. This time of year I'm pretty lost with the warblers, they've changed colors, juveniles don't have their colors yet, etc.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Can't believe you lied to me! I was surprised and very thankful! I got to see the beautiful bride today. I waved and blew her kisses ;). She is one of the most beautiful and kindest people I know. She deserves an eternity of happiness. We missed you guys tonight