Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 265 - 21st September 2013 - Mist, Moon and Chickadees

So I was up at 3am, had to get Larry to help get me out of bed and downstairs. The day is not starting much better than it ended last evening. He filled up the hot water bottle, made me a coffee and I sent him back to bed. Guessing it's not going to be a day of roaming the hood or much of anything. Maybe a nap later on the sofa will be in order. Fingers crossed that this starts to improve, I don't do being laid up well, especially when there isn't too much time left to catch warblers and the like before they migrate.
I thought Friday would be a good day and life in general would clear up. By last evening I would really have liked to jump out of a window! I know that just sounds sucky and I shouldn't feel sorry for myself but I really needed a few moments of ...blah! So I think I pulled a groin or leg muscle, it got progressively worse as the day went on, and I can't bear weight. Larry had another horrible day, he came home to no power, had to call NS Power, they were here when we got home. Dead squirrel on the lawn - it had tripped the breaker on the pole. Got all that sorted, Larry went back up the road, I go to turn on the tap - no water, started to the basement to check the pump - it's running! Called Lois to send Danny over to turn off pump - yes I should know how, but my mind was blank, my leg hurt and I wasn't thinking. Maybe it all sounds like silly petty stuff but yesterday it all became too much. Larry did get the water  back when he came home. Last night all the friggin' positivity in the world was not correcting my life, maybe today will be better.
 Another misty morning both on the road and the lake.
 You could still see the moon in the sky at 7:30am.
 Kind of a morning of silhouettes too. I'm hoping this isn't something I don't have, I'm not sure what he is.
 As the moon sets in the West the sun is appearing in the east.

 The Chickadees are such acrobats.

I thought he might be a Common Yellow Warbler but I'm not sure.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better today (Sun.), Kim! I am pretty sure the bird in silhouette is a Least Flycatcher. When I enlarge I see an eye ring. And the other one is definitely a Common Yellowthroat.
    Have a great Sunday!