Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 258 - 14th September 2013 - Puffballs, Rain drops and the Lake

Nice little sleep in this morning. Temperature is +17.2 and it's suppose to clear later this morning. I still miss the sun rise early but not much I can do about that except wait for it again next year.  I guess we are in for a few sunny days. Planning on some beach time this weekend, see Sandy who is here from Scotland and a visit to the Park with the campers later today. Sounds like a full weekend and somewhere in there I need to do groceries, laundry and a tad bit of housework.
So Friday the 13th passed without any terrible things happening. I kind of forgot about it most of the day. Sure wasn't a day for photos though, heavy rain at times - I got caught in it twice. It did look to be clearing after supper so I took a chance and went for my walk. Didn't go too far as the sky was dark in places.
 Puff balls on the side of the road.
 One side looks like it will clear, the other side still looks stormy, but the lake was really calm.

 Water droplets....
 And more.
Just a hint of blue sky.

Enjoy your day!

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