Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 249 - 5th September 2013 - A mid week trip to the Beach - Shorebirds

It's Thursday, back to the grindstone for a couple more days then the weekend rolls in. I have a funny feeling this month is going to fly just as fast as the rests have. I know it's fall for sure because we got our truck insurance bill yesterday, the one for the house will arrive shortly. All of our insurance bills are due between October and November. I'm hoping for a nice mild fall that lasts til Christmas (that will be the next thing to think about).
Hard rain yesterday morning but by noon it had cleared. Did a quick whip around the house and since Larry was home...yup we headed to the beach after lunch! So where to go, decided on Sandhills. What a great afternoon - now with everyone back in school we had the whole beach to ourselves. Saw lots of gulls and shorebirds, even a new one for me. Not often hubby and I get to spend the afternoon together in the middle of the week so it was a nice relaxing few hours. I even got him past Thomson's without stopping for ice cream. Home by supper time, Larry got the lawn mowed as it was finally dry enough. Shouldn't complain didn't have to mow much in August. Some more veggies picked from the garden and put down for the winter months.
 Semipalmated Plover.

 Semipalmated Sandpiper.
 Black-bellied Plover.

 You can look over and see Barrington from the beach.
Beautiful, peaceful day.
 A rather cool looking grasshopper.
 Solitary Sandpiper - love the white ring around his eye.
A Great Blue Heron, I would really like to get close enough for a good pic of these guys!

Enjoy your day!

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