Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 255 - 11th September 2013 - Morning, Birds, Leaves and Flowers

Another mild morning, +16.7, no stars in the sky and a few showers in the forecast. Looks like we might get quite a bit of rain on Friday and Saturday. I just think it sucks when it rains on the weekend. It's hurricane season, not that I expect one, usually by the time they get here they've been well downgraded but we do sometimes get a fair amount of wind and rain. There goes the leaves!  If we didn't have the weather to complain about what would we do? I'm off today and it all depends on the weather what I'm doing. Now that it's not so hot I'm starting to get in the baking mood again, I'm kind of thinking about brown bread today but may wait until Saturday morning. I'll probably toss together some cookies if nothing else. Have to soon tackle some zucchini for the freezer - that's just a shredding job and I've got a lot of basil I should do something with. Sounds like I've got my day used up!
Tuesday was a lot warmer than the last few days. Turned overcast by supper time, but I did get out for a quick walk. It was totally quiet and still, only found a few lively chickadees back out on the road close to home. The work day went well, a few people in to do research and I continued on with research for someone else. Got my haircut after work, wow did it ever feel good to shed a few pounds. I think the last of the Hummingbirds have gone, no sign of the single female I've had for the last few days.
 The sky looked hopeful, no mist yesterday morning.

 I love when the birds are feeding in the morning. Song Sparrow.
Palm Warbler.
 The Red-eyed Vireo seems to be everywhere these days.
 And apparently very hungry.
Still a few daisies around.
 And the leaves are turning more.
A lovely spot of color - the neighbours have put out a potted mum.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. having a great day so is getting darker earlier ughhhhh