Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 259 - 15th September 2013 - Shorebirds, Great Blue Heron, House Sparrows and Gulls

Looks like another sunny day on the horizon, temperature is +14.6. Wonder where we might head today. No point in staying home and working, there's lot of time for that when the weather turns and the birds all leave. Larry can get his wood piled in the basement and I'll get the laundry caught up, then maybe we will take off again.
Had a fabulous Saturday, did not do one bit of housework and may not do any today! Larry did get some wood put in the basement before we took off in the morning. So all was not lost. We left home around 9:30 am, I really couldn't make up my mind where I wanted to go but when we hit the intersection we decided to head to Cape Sable Island. Off we went, first stop the Hawk Beach - not a lot there - a few shore birds but not many. It was still a bit foggy. Headed over to Daniel's Head and it was very quiet there. Of course at every pond and marshy area along our route we slowed down scanned the area. Got out at a few of these and crawled around, didn't see anything new, even though Larry was sure of new and exotic birds. We roamed around the Island for a while then headed off to Barrington to do groceries. Multi-tasking bird watching. Took the long way home through Villagedale, stopped at Sandhills and found the Red Knots. Did see a Marsh hawk, more Great Blue Herons and a King Fisher on our way home. So it was a fabulous day birding, then we headed down to the Park for supper with the Bestie and the gang. I was ready for bed early, so much fresh air and then good food made me very sleepy.
Semipalmated Sandpipers feeding.
 Can't go to the beach without some wave photos.
 House Sparrows - new to my list.
 A bunny, we also saw two deer but not great shots. Larry needs to wash the inside and outside of the truck windshield.
 Gulls enjoying a bit of a rest.
 Red - knots.  New ones to me.
 Semi-palmated Sandpipers.
 Some are big and some are small!
 Semi-palmated Plover. He got soo close to me.
 Semi-palmated Sandpiper.
 Great Blue Heron.
Finally getting closer to these guys!

Enjoy your day!

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