Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 272 - 28th September 2013 - Chippy, Lake, Hermit Thrush, Foam and Ducks

Heading off birding this morning - RAH!! Hoping to find some new shore birds and you never know what else, since Larry's coming with me, might be something exotic - perhaps an albatross. Oh we tease him because I have to check what he's looking at in the bird book, seems it's usually something rare and unusual and mostly turns out to be something rather common. Think we'll leave around 8:30 and go in the direction of Hemeon's Head. Will be great exercise too - a fair hike through the scrub and then along the beach. After our adventure, it will be grocery shopping and then home for some housework.
Wow what a long day Friday was, didn't get home til 11:45 pm from that training session. Which is at least 2  hours past my bedtime. Then you know I need a little wind down time. Had a good day at work, lots accomplished.
 Haven't seen Chippy around for a while - hope he looks both ways before crossing the road.
 The sky was looking a little better yesterday morning.
Some of the ducks had come in, must be looking for breakfast.
 Foam along the lake shore.

 Will miss the Hermit Thrush, rarely a morning I go without seeing him.
He's just showing off what he's found for his breakfast.

Enjoy your day!

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