Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 274 - 30th September 2013 - Shades of Fall and Dragonflies

Here we are again at Monday morning, temperature is +6.2, no frost but still a bit nippy. Stars are all out and the moon is hanging in the sky as bright as can be. Chance of rain this afternoon and more for tomorrow. The lake has been going down so guess we do need it. As usual not a thing we can do about mother nature. Once again we are saying goodbye to another month. Off to work this morning - not sure what the day will bring but fingers crossed for lots of work and very little aggravation. Going to start the week off on a positive note and hope it stays that way.
A busy breakfast yesterday morning, we served over 100 people. We were both done in when we got home, but had things to do so kept moving. Larry of course was in the woodpile - he'll soon be done for those of you concerned that the man must live there. Turkey went in the oven for supper and I finished up some housework. We have a house guest for a few weeks and she arrived mid afternoon. So after the supper dishes were done we had a lazy evening.
 Fall and the changing colors are my favourite time of year.

 Even the ferns are changing.
 I loved the color of this Dragonfly today. Such a nice red, goes right along with the maple leaves.
 The lake was perfectly calm allowing for beautiful reflections.
 One of my favs.
He as huge!
 As I walked through the woods in the afternoon, you can hear the dry leaves falling to the ground.
Mostly maple leaves turning now, many of the oak are still green.

Enjoy your day!

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