Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 273 - 29th September 2013 - Ducks, Birds, Sand and Seeds

As many of you have guessed, I had no internet this morning. So call 1-888-345-1111 and complain to the good folks at Eastlink. I'm sure they will appreciate the business. Don't call before 8am because they have no one in the rural broadband department! We were off to the Fire Hall at 6:45am to work out turn at the monthly breakfast. As usual it was busy! Have to get some work done around here, cooking a turkey this afternoon and company coming. Hoping to sneak out around the hood for at least an hour. So better get moving.
Well it wasn't quite the adventure I had hoped for - only 1 new bird, actually not many birds at all, but we had a good outing. We did a lot of walking if nothing else and it was a beautiful day. Larry got some eelgrass for next year's garden so that was a bonus. Since he had the binoculars and could see further than me with the camera, he spotted 12 Great Blue Herons in one cove. Too far for me though. We drove down to Hemeon's Head, roamed around the beach and the lake. When we left there we went down to Rockland - saw a house with bright yellow paint on the front - looks good, quite sure I know who that belongs to. Stopped in to Lockeport at the beach but there were a fair amount of people and just some gulls so we headed back to Shelburne for groceries and a quick visit with the bestie and the Park. All in all a good day. Can't even feel guilty because I came home and did up some laundry and housework. I broke down and got Larry to built a fire in the furnace. Might have been nice outside but our house didn't warm up one little bit.
 The sun was drawing through the clouds.
 Quite a few ducks around, think there were some teals, not sure what else though.

 Everything has gone to seed.
 In for a landing.
I think he's a Solitary Sandpiper.

The waves and worms use the sand like a canvas, creating masterpieces.

Enjoy your day!


  1. These pictures are beautiful...... my compliments.

    Greetings, Jonas

  2. Love the photo of the sun soaking up some moisture. Yes a nice visit although we looked for you back for supper ;)