Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 271 - 27th September 2013 - Sky, Lake, Birds and Leaves

It's Friday - Rah! And I'm up way too early which means a very long day for me. I have a meeting this evening that's going to run very late. Since I go to bed early normally, it will be double hard this evening to pay attention and not nod off. Ah well, guess I'll survive. Sounds like we are in for a nice weekend weather wise. Temperature is +12.9 this morning so that's not too shabby.
Thursday went well, accomplished a lot - felt productive. Got to meet the new Doctor - seems very nice, hopefully she hang around for more than 5 minutes. So some morning next week I'll get some blood work done - it's been awhile. Had a good workout at exercise class. We've got some new equipment so we had some time to play around and get used to that stuff.
Grandmother's Journal:
27th September 1974: Home all day. Made pickles and did house work. Gets dark very early now.
28th September 1974: Permanent, also Helen Lain there. Went with Reg and Gertrude. Home before dark. Kim stayed with her grandfather. Felt miserable. 
29th September 1974: Rain most of day. High wind all day. Kids up for Kim, stayed for supper. Glad to have them. 
30th September 1974: Stayed home all day. Mother up for hunting partridges. 
It was a gloomy looking walk.
 But the dark sky began to
 The sun broke through.
And blue skies were revealed.

 It was pretty quiet around except for the woodpecker, a flock of robins, the odd blue jay
 And song sparrows.
 Love to see the reds in the leaves and
berries this time of year.

Enjoy your day!

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