Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 268 - 24th September 2013 - Morning on the Lake, Raindrops and Birds

So I'm up way too early this morning - 4am my eyes popped open and didn't want to close again. Will be a long day and not one I'm looking forward to. We have a funeral to attend this afternoon, saying goodbye to another wonderful woman - mother, wife, grandmother who has been taken way too early. My heart aches for her husband and daughters knowing that today and the weeks to come without her will be so difficult and filled with sadness. Her daughters are wonderful strong women who will help their dad and one another, I see some of her in each of them and she was always so proud of them.
Got through another Monday unscathed so to speak, the day went well, can't complain. A researcher to help, some paperwork to finish up and a telemarketer hopefully deterred from calling again. So I was happy with the day, leg didn't feel too bad but every once in awhile when I moved the wrong way I could feel some pulling so thought I should skip exercise class last night.  Don't tell but I missed it.
 Hard to believe this is actually morning and not evening.

 You can see the sky is breaking.
 Rain droplets everywhere.
One of my favourite warblers - Common Yellowthroat.

The rain on the old man's beard reminds me of bling.
And some on the grasses.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I think you summed it up well my friend.....each of the girls has a little of her...the way they tilt their head when listening or that smile and just genuine sincerity...will be a rough day but we are the richer for having known and loved her. I guess we were both up early....little chilly at the campground this morning but a good warm cup of coffee laced with some Jamieson's warmed me up. I know too early for spirits but it did the trick and gave me a little bit of false courage for the day ahead....