Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 266 - 22nd September 2013 - Beach, birds and Rosehips

Well feeling much better this morning after 8 1/2 hours of sleep, guess I made up for the night before. I think Larry's arthritis tylenol may have helped with that and my pulled muscle issue. This morning I feel like I can roam the hood again, just have to be a tad bit careful which way I move my leg. Hopefully the weather will hold a bit this morning for me. Then I've got some housework to tackle, company coming at the end of the week.
I spent most of Saturday between the sofa with a hot water bottle and in the hot bath. Seems to have made a big difference as by last evening I could actually walk with very little pain. I did go into town late in the date for groceries, a necessary evil, but other than that I didn't move far. It was a beautiful day on the weather front and would have been great for picture taking. Since I didn't get out yesterday I went back looking through last weekend and our beach adventures.
 Lots of surf.
 A Cormorant hangs out.
 More of them, they are like gulls - everywhere.
Above: A natural setting - gulls & a fishplant.

Shore birds in flight.

Rosehips for those that make jelly.

Enjoy your day!

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