Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 250 - 6th September 2013 - Misty Mornings, Swamp Sparrows, Common Yellow Throat and Myrtle Warblers

So the week sped by and we are at Friday once again. If I can clear a few more things off my desk at work I'll be happy, happy, happy as they say. Progress does make a person feel so much better. Stars are still out this morning, suppose to be a fine day. Temperature is at +8.2.
Thursday went well, beautiful in the morning but rain by noon, by supper time the sun was out. The air changed in the afternoon - much cooler and fall like. I like the those temperatures in the evening, so much clearer and better for sleeping. Got four research orders finished off yesterday, so that was a very good feeling. Exercise class last night - another good workout - of course we wouldn't expect anything else.
Grandmother's Journal:
4th September 1974 - Turned out lovely fall day. Lots of partridges on the road. Reg in mud down cutting wood. Home 5 o'clock. 
5th September 1974 - Overcast all day. Left for town at 6 o'clock. Getting cool now. Looks like a storm. No game. Deer eating trees but we can't see them. Gertrude and I played crib until nearly 12. 8 games, good game tonight and Sidney up with us. Good little boy. Made fire in fireplace. He toasted marshmallows which pleased him.
Morning over the lake, the sun is breaking through the fog.
 I do love the webs.
 Swamp Sparrow.
 Common Yellowthroat.

 He was all about posing for me.
 The fog was lifting.
Had a visit supper time in the yard from a Myrtle Warbler - guessing he stopped by to say so long till next year.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Grandmother's journal!!! Like her I had deer this morning as well...but I could see them two young ones and the Momma. They had fun under the apple tree then played directly in front of the deck. Could have stayed and watched them all day. Kasey was as impressed..she looked out the window then up at me as much as to say "do you see them" Have a good day and stay Happy Happy Happy