Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 260 - 16th September 2013 - Palm Warbler, Green Wing Teals, Partridge and Lighthouse.

Here rolls in Monday once again, the weekends are way too short.  Temperature is +11, air is cooling some. Chance of rain showers this afternoon, then the rest of the week looks fine. It's only Monday so that's not something they can predict this early, but will take one day of sunshine at a time. Off to work, hoping for another good week of crossing things off the list.
We didn't play quite so long on Sunday and actually did a few things around home (and I mean just a few). Another beautiful day for sure, love still be able to wear shorts, thought last week I would have to pack them up but glad I didn't.  We went off for a little adventure before noon, down to the Sandy Point Lighthouse, then on to Locke's Island and McLean's Island. Spooked a  flock of Green Wing Teal ducks in a pond which were truly impressive, saw about 14 but not great photos. A Bald Eagle flew above us in one spot, I really need to save my nickels for a bigger lens. There are times that I just can't quite get close enough with the one I've got. Met a fabulous person last evening, Sandy, felt like I've known and liked her for years.
 Palm Warbler.

 Juvenile Black Throated Green Warbler.
Sandy Point Lighthouse.

 It was kind of neat to look from the lighthouse back at the town.
 Saw lots of Great Blue Herons.
 We call them partridges but the proper name is Ruffed Grouse.
 The Green Wing Teals.

 Dragon-flies are still around, they migrate as well.
And an ending to the day on the lake.

Enjoy your day!

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