Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 263 - 19th September 2013 - Webs, Mist, Birds and Dragonflies

Not quite so cold this morning, temperature is +7.2. Didn't sleep right great but did get enough to function. Another fine day on the horizon, hoping it will be a good day all around. Perhaps I'll get a few more things crossed off that list that never seems to end. Exercise class tonight, can't believe how quickly the week flies by. Harvest moon tonight, it's been pretty full the last few nights and I can see it shining between the tall pines, it lights up the yard.
Another beautiful fall day, seemed warmer Wednesday than the last few days. Once that sun came out, it was really nice. I did get some things done around the house - laundry, ran the broom around some floors, cleaned up the kitchen, etc. I can do things really fast if I want to go outside and play. It's getting harder to convince those birds to come down for photos, saw some in the morning around 9am but they weren't interested in photos except for a few Song Sparrows and a new one for me - Ruby Crowned Kinglet. Lots of Chickadees around again and I'm seeing more Nuthatches. Did up pork chops with homegrown veggies for supper and threw together a casserole for the next few nights. Casseroles are like comfort food - pasta,ground moose meat and  homemade tomato sauce with some herbs and spices. Simple but good. Even made some pesto, since I seem to have an abundance of Basil.
 You know I can't resist those webs, this one is certainly loose and lacy.
 The Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
 The Red-eyed Vireo wouldn't come down.
 Lots of mist on the lake - love the way the trees looking like they are suspended in air.
 Some of the ducks flying off, there were a lot around yesterday morning.
 From Lois' flower pot.
Just thought it was cool.

Might not have been many birds around but there were lots of Dragonflies.

Enjoy your day!

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