Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 264 - 20th September 2013 - Mist, Hermit Thrush, Webs and Flowers

Here we are Friday, once again. Temperature is +7.2, might not have had a frost. The moon was so full last night, if I had of had a little more energy I would have gone out and caught it. Although my favourite setting is over the lake as it's rising. If I can get a few more things done today I'll end the week happy.
Well yesterday ended so much better than it began. Hopefully today will go smoothly as well. Sometimes life hands you lemons and I guess you have to make lemonade. Onward and upward as they say. I had a decent day at work, exercise class last night - steps - I just really dislike those!
Grandmother's Journal:
20th September 1974 - Picked onions, tomatoes, cukes, squash and green peppers still ok. On back road saw does - 3. 
21st. September 1974 - Overcast fog all day. Reg, Bob used tractor and got Reg's wood. Today tractor worked fine. Gertrude over for a game. Bob & I to Fran's for supper home fairly early. 10 O'clock. Nice evening. 
22nd September 1974 - Terrible storm in night. Very heavy rain. One big clap thunder from 4 until 7 or after. Looks fine in morning. Fran and I went to Sandy Pt. Aunt Lizzie and Uncle John's 50th wedding anniversary at Helen's. Lovely party. Came out beautiful day, colder. 
 A pretty misty morning on the lake, could hardly see a thing.
 The Hermit Thrush popped out to see me.

More mist.

 Morning web!
From Lois' flower pots. Love those vibrant colors.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Grandmother's Journal!!! Thank you Jesus( I mean Kim) Lots of webs at the park noticed them this morning while drinking my coffee (Darlene made my coffee again thank you Jesus) I make the worst instant coffee...atleast I think so and the fact that Darlene never wants a coffee when she visits pretty well says it all!!! 22 degrees at the shop and it looks like a pretty nice weekend. We are at the park until Sundday but I have a feeling Billy might want to extend the visit :) You know where we are and you do not need an invitation :) Oh and lemons make awesome margaritas ....just saying