Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 244 - 31st August 2013 - Lighthouse, Gull, Ferry and Heron

Am up early but that's nothing new. Just checked the weather and they are now calling for rain - lets hope this is one of those times that the weathermen are wrong!  I can hear a fog horn, which may have been what woke me up, not used to those in the country. Had Lexi out already this morning and it was foggy. Fingers crossed everyone that the weather doesn't ruin today's plans. This afternoon Roger has promised me a tour of the mudflats. I know that sounds fascinating but there are lots of cool things that live in the flats! Lots of places on the Island to explore.
Friday was definitely a quiet day at work, which I greatly appreciated. Got my head around some things. I felt better than I did on Thursday. Made a mad race after work to get home  and on the road. I had everyone in the truck by 4:50 pm - so we could catch the 7:30 ferry. We made it with time to spare and even a couple of minutes for Lexi and I to make a pit stop. Dorothy had supper all ready - a lovely cheese and broccoli soup which hit the spot. Now that it gets dark so much earlier there wasn't much time to roam around and take photos. Well the proverbial beans were spilled last night and Larry found out we were going Whale watching. Kind of funny since he mentioned it several times and I just replied "oh dear, you have to book those well in advance and they will be super busy this weekend since it's a long weekend".
Kind of a grey looking morning on the lake, Friday.
Boar's Head light as we were waiting for the ferry.
And of course there are always tons of seagulls around.
The ferry getting ready to dock at East Ferry to take us over to Tiverton.
I did spy this Heron as we waited, but didn't feel the urge to crawl down over the rocks to get closer.
He didn't hang around long.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad you got away and friday was better. Hope the whale watching was fun for Larry!