Thursday, August 15, 2013

Days 227 and 228 - 14th August 213 - Blackberries, Flowers, Birds and Dragonflies.

Up early and feeling much better today. Stars out out, temperature is +11.7, I'm ready to tackle life again.
So this is the first time I've ever done a two days in one, but I was late getting  the internet yesterday, my head was kind of fuzzy and sometimes things are just out of my control. I must say I feel guilty.  I admit I am a creature of habit, think that comes from my Dad. You can usually set your clock by his routine, I apparently am not much different. Nothing wrong with routine, except when it derails. Speaking of routines, mine is back on track this morning, travelling with Nancy once again and get to do my morning jaunt along the lake. That starts my work day off right. Exercise class tonight which I'm in badly need of, although I must say I'm not in great agony after Monday night - just a little stiffness in a few spots.
I really prefer to write early in the morning not at lunchtime and there was too much drama going on in the hood early yesterday, not to mention no internet. Never got out birding  as I was held up waiting for Eastlink to come. Now this guy is great and he did my initial installation but of course we both knew he couldn't do anything till the tower came back online when the sun came out. So we chatted, I ranted, he laughed and I sent him on his way. As predicted when the sun came out so did the internet. Made cookies and got some work done around the house. My Zen was Zonked so I figured I better just take a nice jaunt around the hood  to try and get myself back on track. Had tea with Lois on her deck on my way home, a few giggles always help. It really wasn't the day off I had planned but not a thing I can do about it. Supper made me feel better to - lots of good fresh veggies from the garden - beets, swiss chard, peas and potatoes. Spent some time on the deck with my tea after supper - the evening breeze is cooler these days, the Chickadees have returned to the feeders and it was so peaceful.
 Blackberries are ripening.
 This was a really long haired caterpillar - don't show my Mom. I think it's the only thing she's scared of.
 A female Yellow Warbler hiding behind the oak leaves.
 These two Song Sparrows were sitting on an old branch hanging over the lake.
 Butterfly on Oregano flowers.
 The dragon and damsel flies are so cool looking when you get up close.
 The male Hummingbird likes to watch over the feeder from the Honeysuckle bush.
 Another of our sunflowers - this one is a bit smaller, compliments of the birds.
 The Glads are in bloom.
 Love this shade.

Enjoy your day!

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