Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 242 - 29th August 2013 - Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Cobwebs, Parulas and Apples

Can see the moon and stars this morning, dawn comes much later now. It's +17.5, a lot different than the last few weeks. I truthfully prefer the cooler evenings and  mornings, things seem so much fresher. The humidity drags us down. Well off to work again, that midweek day off sure feels nice. Hoping to have a couple of excellent days to end the month. Back to positive thinking!
Had a great day off. Weather was nice, a little humid but otherwise good. Lexi and I did the hood, some housework, caught up on laundry and got clothes packed for the weekend. So a busy day too. Discovered late morning that the birds were visiting the trees around our yard. Guess this may be a sign that some of them are getting ready to move on to warmer climates for the winter. Last spring I saw a bunch of different ones in the yard and then they dispersed throughout the hood, now I think they've returned to say good by until next spring.
New one for me - Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. Couldn't believe it, he was hanging around in the Honeysuckle bush in the back yard.

 Morning webs
 The Phlox petals are falling.
 Starting to lose a few petals here too.
Apple season is fast approaching, some of the earlier varieties are ready.
 Most of ours are old and not all that great for eating. Or at least I don't think they are.
 The little hummingbird was at the Mallow in the yard.
 And there were a number of Parulas in the yard today too. Guess I should be staying home more and checking out the yard.

Enjoy your day!

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