Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 243 - 30th August 2013 - Butterflies, Chickadees and Ducks

Friday has arrived. Feels like a cool breeze out there this morning. We are off to Freeport, Nova Scotia after work. Can't wait, the house sitter will be here before we leave and I so need a break. Looking forward to a visit with our good friends and roaming a different hood for a change. Fingers crossed, I'm hoping to get us on a Whale watching trip Saturday morning, but haven't told Larry yet. It will be a surprise for him. Every time we go over he says we should go, so hopefully this will be the time. Don't tell him! Truck is all packed except for the veggies we are taking to Dorothy and Roger. Larry will put those in this morning.
With all my positive talk, yesterday was still not a great day. Thanks Karen for giving me that little tap around the head to bring me back to reality last evening. Sometimes life sucks but there is always someone else much worse off than us and we need to keep that in mind. Exercise did help with some of the stress. Cindy announced that I was coming up to my 1st anniversary of the class, can't believe I've hung it out. I won't say that I love  it but it does make me feel better both mentally and physically - even when I hurt!
Grandmother's Journal:
29 August 1974 - Rain all night, all day, real heavy at times. Much needed. Saw 7 deer this morning, 5 or 6 partridges. Left here just before 8 o'clock. Great to sleep in until 6:30am and not having to hurry. Played 3 games of crib with Gertrude, 2 me 1 her. Big puddles every place. 
30th August 1974 - Bob not working today. Rain. Very foggy. Home early, no game today. 

 The water has been dropping, soon I'll be able to walk along the shoreline here.
 Windy yesterday morning, so the ducks were all sitting on Myrna's dock.
Now this is a much better looking apple than ours, came from a neighbour's tree.

 The Chickadees are out around the yard again visiting the feeders and resting on the fence.
 Still some Butterflies around enjoying the butterfly bush.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I think we both needed a lil grandmother. Have a fabulous weekend we are at Jaggers campground smiths cove stop by ;) thanks a lot for not responding to my message :(