Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 237 - 24th August 2013 - Impatiens, Squirrel, Clouds and Hydrangeas

Saturday morning, I'm up again too early, didn't sleep well but there is always tonight. Convinced Larry to give up his sleeping in this morning and get up the same time as a work day. We are off on a little adventure and I need to catch the tides right. Will fill you in on all the details tomorrow morning. Of course there are all the normal Saturday things to do - groceries, laundry, etc. Might make a zucchini chocolate cake and head over to the visit the campers at the park supper time. A nice evening with friends - always lots of laughs. Sounds like a fun packed day.
Friday was a busy day, didn't quite get all the things done I needed to but that's the way it goes. Although I'm probably going to have to do a few things on the weekend as I have someone coming on Monday and I need to have stuff sorted out before they arrive. Will worry about that later. An evening jaunt around a quiet hood and then home to put my feet up and chill for the evening.
I love this tub of Impatiens that belong to a neighbour.

 This seems to be just about all I"m seeing these days!
 I did find a Black and White Warbler.
 Fabulous clouds over the lake last night.

 Lois' Hydrangeas.

More red leaves, prettier from a distance than up close.

Enjoy the day!

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