Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 222 - 9th August 2013 - Lilies, Hanging Baskets, Sailing Boats and Grandmother's Journal

Friday here we are, weekend just around the corner. Looks like some rain is on it's way too. Would make me happier if it was only during the night time hours, but not too much we can do about it. Have to take what we get. Off to work this morning. Sometimes short weeks seem long but we sure enjoy that extra day off.
Guess no one noticed yesterday that I posted day 220 twice, oops a slip of the keyboard.  Oh well these things happen. It was a good day, more sunny weather and probably a little warmer, but the breeze picked up by supper time. Not enough to battle the mosquitoes though, I could live without those pesky little fellows. Had a busy morning at work, but after lunch I got a chance to play catch up a bit. I need to find a new birding spot for my evening jaunt, all my morning haunts are dead quiet by supper time, I can't even coax out a squirrel or a Song Sparrow. Since I'm not getting a morning walk in the hood for a few days, I took the opportunity to trail along Dock Street yesterday morning and peek in yards, some have gates - we don't do that in the country!
Grandmother's Journal:
9th August 1974 - Still some morning fog. Rainy early. Came very hot and fog again at night. One or two ripe everbearing strawberries. Taste real good. Really enjoying the new vegetables. Lore's left Middle Clyde to day for Jordan home. 
10th August 1974 - Overcast all morning. Out hot in afternoon. Very hot in evening. Fran and Andersons back here tonight. 
11th August 1974 - Not a good day. Fran's family up for supper. Ivy and Jim over in morning.

 Lots of Lilies in gardens all along my walk.
 These baskets look so great.
 Wish I could have gotten closer, Song Sparrow is enjoying the chair.
 I love the color of these ones.
 Great looking boat with matching rowboat.
 The Lamppost baskets are doing well, still lots of color and blooms.
I thought this was a really unique door decoration.

And one from my garden. Although I seem to have quite a few weeds too!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Grandmother's journal!!! needed for sure...thank you. That lily that looks almost black is absolutely gorgeous...need a little more info would love to plant a few.
    Hope you have a productive day