Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 216 - 3rd August 2013 - Lake, Water Lilies, Woodpecker and Boats

Yes I'm about 15 hours late but you can thank the wonderful folks at Eastlink Rural Broadband - they have a 1-888 number if you are interested in calling and complaining to them. Since they are giving showers tonight with thunder/lightning chance, I probably won't have any again tomorrow.
Friday was one of those days at work that you wished would go away, just horrendous or at least it felt that way when it was happening. If someone ones help why don't they listen to you. A  "group" of people all talking at once is a group too many to be researching together. Over and done, thank goodness. Rain showers in the afternoon. Ran and picked up a few groceries on the way home since we were going to be away on Saturday. What a joke shopping at Sobeys is, didn't spent much money since they didn't have much of what I wanted. I soon need to make a trip out of town to stock up on things. I can't blame the people that work there they get their orders and deliveries from some idiots in a head office.
 The sky was kind of strange looking Friday morning, lake was really calm.
 So I lied, we do have white waterlilies, wonder why I never notice before or maybe I forgot.
 This guy was too busy with breakfast to be bothered with me.
 Found something!
 Very serene on the harbour as well.
 Damsel or Dragonfly.
 A few beads of water from the rain shower.

Enjoy your day!

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